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Shaping and Carving

From idea to realization

There is a lot that goes into installing a water park or an object.

We design everything ourselves at the drawing board. Our main designer is co-director Yan Wolff.

He knows better than anyone how to shape an idea.




Together with the customer, we will look at the possibilities and wishes for the water park to be designed. We look at the environment, discuss what the theme will be, and then make a 2D or a 3D design. We prefer to measure everything ourselves on location.

After approval from the client, the design goes to the design department. There, an object is made from foam by one of our Shapers. Our Shapers are actually artists. What their eyes see, their hands make.

After approval, the foam object goes to the polyester department. A layer of polyester is made of resin and glass over the foam object. This is very specialist work. Fortunately, Zephir objects has specialized professionals. By the way, we find these throughout the company.


After the object has been provided with a layer of polyester, it goes to our decoration department. Finally, they give the object a glossy topcoat. Decorating is specialist work, and professionals work in this department too!


After approval from the design and sales department, all objects are transported to the customer. Usually, the customer is also given the opportunity to come and have a look in our workshop in the meantime. In this way we can create something beautiful together, and everyone is satisfied with the end result.


We often install ourselves, so that everything is taken care of down to the last detail. We can also take care of the inspection for you through an inspection institute. We can therefore say wholeheartedly; At Zephir-objects, we do what we do best!