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Water parks

At zephir objects we do what we are good at.

The water parks and children’s pools of Zephir objects are themed water playgrounds for young and old. As a client, you can decide for yourself what the common thread will be in your water park or children’s pool. To give some examples; a jungle with wild animals and birds, and a waterfall, or a mermaid fairytale that you just walk into. And what about the theme; farm? We can then make a water slide in the shape of a cow, or a tractor. We let sheep and / or goats spray water.

There is so much possible. From a sandbox, to a marble pit, a vortex, or interactive play objects for children. Also consider a mist or bubble machine, packed in a beautiful 3D object. Zephir-objects can also create a possible rock edge around your bath. Or a single rock, so that dangerous situations can be shielded.

We already have a lot of experience in various themes, for example jungle, maritime, circus, and we can continue like this for a long time to come. Are you looking for something, but you can’t find it? Or do you not know exactly what you are looking for? Tell us and we will make your dream come true.

We build water parks and water playgrounds in all sizes, both indoors and outdoors. We can embellish them with themes that match your environment, camping, swimming pool, and / or landscape.

Zephir-objects does not make its own Sprayparken, but we can thematise them. Everything handmade in our workshop, and naturally chlorinated water resistantg. 

A children’s pool from Zephir-objects has been conceived and made for the little ones.

It’s challenging, colorful and safe for toddlers and preschoolers.