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Theme central

You may not expect this to be the case with us, but Zephir-objects does a lot behind the scenes to thematize entrance signs, facades, etc.

We consult with the customer, map out what is needed, and thus make a drawing and a proposal.

This can vary from set pieces for, for example, a play, a musical, to the entrance signs of your swimming pool or water park.

Always with an eye for detail! And of course also chlorine water resistant on request.

We can make steel pipes and structures look like bamboo or birch trunks.

Everything for the adventure and the experience!

Themed, hand-decorated entrance, advertising sign, made of polyester. This plate has a wood imitation look. Is thus protected against all weather influences.

Themed wall panel in wood look, with the mascot of the holiday park on it. Can be placed at the entrance or a swimming pool.

Completely handmade tree, with wisteria blossoms. Steel interior. Can be used both outside and inside. This is just an example, there is even more choice.