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Tension and Fantasy

Our pirate ships are complete with slides, a crow’s nest, pirate flags, parrot with an eye patch, or with tippin buckets. We design everything in consultation. This makes every pirate ship unique. The ships are made of high-quality polyester and finished with a gelcoat. They are therefore completely chlorinated water resistant, and will last for years.

Great things are happening on this Pirate Ship! Excitement, adventure, you can not think of it so crazy. There are even “real” cannons. All the details are so real, and therefore provide even more possibilities.

Let the adventure begin. Children will never be able to play on this boat. A real challenge for big and small pirates! This way they can play for hours with friends.

All hands on deck on this unique Pirate Ship! With various authentic details, playing on one of our pirate ships becomes even more fun and adventurous.