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Great fun of course

Challenging fun in a natural environment

As an innovator in the field of theming, Kletterstein has developed durable, lightweight and visually realistic climbing stones.

We make climbing stones with a natural look. In various sizes, with climbing routes for young and old.

Kletterstein’s team of highly skilled craftsmen can create a boulder that suits your environment.
Whether you want a climbable work of art or a rocky boulder for your climbing playground, Kletterstein can meet your requirements.

Kletterstein delivers functional works of art sculpted by hand, fitted with glass fiber reinforced laminate, and painted by hand.


Stepstones, Climbing Stones and Boulders: and

  • Durable and robust polymer resin surface with a reinforced polyester interior.
  • One-tenth the weight, yet 2.5 times the strength of comparable concrete boulders.
  • Rocky, secure hanholds with stainless steel and anti-theft security bolts.
  • One piece transport for easy installation.
  • Looks and feels like real granite rock.
  • Five-year structural warranty.
  • Small climbers can have fun on the stepstones.
  • On the somewhat larger version, children learn to climb and clamber in a playful and safe way.
  • On our boulder, challenging climbing is offered, without climbing gear or belay lines.
  • Everything in a responsible and safe way.
  • This company is a full subsidiary of: Zephir-Objects



Discover the feeling of hanging from a rock. Enjoy the view and feel the challenge of the environment. Take on the climbing adventure.

Climbing Stones

Feel the thrill of climbing and scrambling. Start this adventure and follow the route on the climbing stone. You can often do more than you think!


Step and jump confidently and confidently from one boulder to the other. Agility and adventure guaranteed.