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water slides with a theme

Elegante zwaan glijbaan

Fantasy and fun.

A water slide of Zephir-Objects combines fantasy and fun. All our slides can be placed separately, but also work well in a small children’s pool or in a water park. We can come up with a theme for you, and or add the mascot of your company and / or swimming pool. And maybe you have come up with something nice yourself, or a wish. This makes sliding even more fun, and more adventurous for the little ones. Our water slides come in various sizes, so that toddlers, young and old can continue to enjoy themselves.

Zaans house slide, designed for a North Holland landscape.

Themed children’s slide with an object, suitable for your campsite, for example.

This toddler slide is for the little ones, suitable for an existing swimming pool. The camping site is called the Bongerd and therefore received this apple theme.

Children and animals are a good match. Our slides with animals, large or small, appeal to the imagination. Whether frogs, sea lions or monkeys, everything is fun.

This elegant water slide has a fantastic look. The sliding surface is located between the large wings of the swan.

Scheepswrak, voor de kleine piraatjes. Veilige brede trap, met breed glijvlak gedeelte.

Barrel cascade, with several slides for a lot of splashing and sliding fun.

A shipwreck slide, with a tough look. For the little ones, who also love excitement and adventure.

Mermaids have captured the imagination of young and old for decades. It is therefore not surprising that this is a popular design.