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3D objects

Monstervis Efteling

Everything handmade to your liking

3D Objects, possibly waterproof theming, is what we are good at at Zephir objects!

All our objects are shaped and carved by hand. This is specialist craftsmanship. Sometimes it is a small slide, sometimes a mascot for the entrance barrier, but sometimes it is also a gigantic object. Take, for example, the above fish of a few meters long. We always make our objects very realistic. The 3D object may appeal to the imagination and show what the purpose of, for example, an advertising object is. We also make props for stages such as the Eurovision Song Contest, MTV Awards, and musicals, shops, and so on.

Fun and challenging, varied work. Curious about what is possible for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply go to our contact page.

Koi fish available in various colors and sizes.

Mascot or advertisement.

Bowling pins, 3 m. high, as an advertising object at a bowling alley. We can also halve them so that they can be placed against the side of a facade.

Decor pieces

Shaping work of an object

Mining cart