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Our objects stimulate the imagination, are educational and adventurous,
but above all a lot of fun for young and old.

Fun for everyone

Our water parks and water playgrounds are unique. We theme your water playground, and / or water park, and ensure that you have something special. Together with you as a customer, we look for a design to bring your swimming pool to a higher level. After all, children like to be challenged.

We can also adapt an existing pool with objects that spew or spray water, and we decorate everything in a fresh new color. Everything in consultation, and made by hand by Zephir-objects.

With Zephir-Objects, we can ensure that your water park or water playground fits perfectly into the natural environment. But you may not want this. A rock edge around it, and possibly make everything wheelchair accessible. There are so many possibilities. We can also theme your advertising, entrance signs. Or with a mascot, so that everything has the same appearance. We know how to challenge children and how to spark their imaginations. All this in a responsible, safe and challenging way.

Play and experience for young and old

Our pirate ships are complete with slides, a crow’s nest, pirate flags, parrot with an eye patch, and tippin buckets. We design everything in consultation and ensure that every pirate ship is unique. A pirate ship provides hours of fun, and provides excitement and fantasy.

The ship and accessories are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, and the top layer is given a brush-decorated gelcoat layer. So that everything becomes chlorinated water resistant. It is also possible to add or design some interactive game elements for children. This creates even more challenge and splash fun

Great fun Of course

As an innovator in the field of theming, Kletterstein has developed durable, lightweight and visually realistic climbing stones.

With our climbing stones in a natural look, we provide challenging fun.

We make the climbing stones in various sizes, with climbing routes for young and old.

A team of highly skilled craftsmen from,, can make a boulder from polyester that suits your environment.

Whether you want a climbable work of art or a rocky Boulder for your climbing playground, Kletterstein ticks all the boxes.

Water slides with a theme

Themed water slides designed by Zephir objects are always a special eye-catcher.

We make them with different themes. Animals, jungle, circus, farm, maritime, fairytales, or we incorporate the image of the campsite mascot or the swimming pool.

Always a party and very recognizable for everyone.

3D Objects

Our 3D objects are often placed in a themed water playground. But you can also find them in amusement parks, in the musical world, and they can be seen at major events such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the MTV Awards.

We make objects as mascots, and almost all objects can be used as “signboards”, for advertising purposes.

Very beautiful and very striking.


Thematised billboard, matching the water park in this case. Zephir-objects also takes care of the theming of, for example, your shop, showroom, shopping center, decor, etc. We make everything chlorine-resistant if desired, but that is not always necessary. We make set pieces for musicals, shows or concerts and this also includes a piece of theming of facades, walls, and entrance signs, etc. Ask us about the possibilities!

Play carefree and safe.

At Zephir objects we do what we are good at

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