Pinocchio’s Monsterfish

Client:Jora Vision/ De Efteling

Location:  Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands


In the fairytale of Pinocchio, the little boy ends up inside the big monsterfish.

By juggling the fishingrod, this monster will open his mouth, and Pinocchio appears.

The monsterfish is equipped with a big waterfountain, opening mouth, moving eyes and even glowing tentacles.

This scene is one of many stories displayed in the fairytale-forrest of de Efteling.

Design: De Efteling

Special effects: BOM engineering

Artwork and projectmanagement: Jora Vision

Zephir objects provided: Prefabrication, Moulding and Polyesterworks, Onsite assembly

all made of fibreglass and water resistant.

¬†Photo’s : Lisa van der Drift

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